Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using a PEO

As many companies grow, the demands of hiring, training and managing employees – as well as administering their payroll and benefits – can begin to overwhelm the core operations of the company.

Instead, a company should consider the use of a professional employer organization. These companies typically have an enormous amount of experience dealing with just these sorts of issues. Here are more specific reasons why your business should consider using a PEO:

PEOs enhance employee morale – New employees who are onboarded and trained properly will better understand their specific role in the company. This understanding leads to more confidence in their abilities and in their responsibilities. In addition, they will be better informed of their benefits and promotion opportunities. All in all, the result is much happier, and much more productive, employees.

They improve customer service – PEOs are in the business of managing the training of employees at the initial stage and in an ongoing manner. Employees who feel more confident about their work duties are more able to competently deal with a customer and this leads to better customer satisfaction over the long term.

They reduce turnover – Some studies show that money is not always the prime motivator of employees. Instead, employees want to feel comfortable in their job. Otherwise, they are apt to leave for another employer. PEOs help facilitate this “comfort zone” by providing the proper training and employee support.

They better government compliance – No one really enjoys the massive amounts of paperwork that the local, state and the Federal government insist that companies complete. PEOs relieve a company of this hassle and ensure that it is done correctly.

They are affordable – In general, PEOs provide the same services as your own company’s HR department but they are able to spread the cost across a number of different companies. This fact means that a PEO can provide the same level of customer service to your employees while also lowering your overall administrative costs.

For more information on finding the right PEO to meet your company’s specific needs, please contact us at Niroc Consultants Inc. We can be found online at or reached directly at 877.917.9121.


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