How President Trump’s Executive Orders may affect your workplace

President Trump’s executive orders will impact individuals as well as employers. Perhaps you caught wind of numerous companies taking a stance against Trump’s travel ban. Or, maybe you heard about how Trump’s immigration order has made it difficult for farmers to bring their crops to market. These executive orders are making all sorts of different impacts on workplaces.

Trump’s Immigration Executive order

The immigration executive order passed on January 27th suspends some foreigners’ entry into the United States. Those from Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Iran were blocked from entering the United States. The federal government has identified these countries as the most likely to harbor terrorists. The executive order may pose challenges for employers who have hired individuals from these countries. The order forces companies to suspend such employees’ travel into the United States.

The ban makes it difficult for employees from the above-listed nations to conduct business outside of the United States. The worst case scenario is an employee leaving the country to conduct business or visit his family abroad and being denied re-entry into the United States. When in doubt, play it safe and do not let your employees leave the country if they hail from one of the seven nations noted above.

Trump’s Healthcare Executive Order

Trump’s first executive order as President directed government agencies to pull back on several aspects of Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. This single-page order made use of broad language to give federal agencies the power to alter, delay or cancel Obamacare provisions. However, no specific provisions were identified at the time of the executive order.

Trump’s alleged aim is to decrease costs to healthcare providers and minimize supposedly stifling regulations. However, Trump and his cabinet have not yet devised a new healthcare law. In the context of business, employers should proceed as usual. Continue to comply with existing regulations until the Trump administration or other government agency indicates otherwise.

Trump’s healthcare executive order primarily serves as a signal that his administration will eventually replace Obamacare with new legislation. It is possible that employer reporting requirements will be relaxed in the near future. It is also possible that states will be given additional flexibility that impacts the employer’s sponsored system.

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