Niroc Monthly- January 2017

What is your 2017 Human Resources outlook?

With the new year in full swing, there are a few human resources trends that have been on the rise. From business hiring at a slower rate, to increased hiring of boomerang employees, which of these trends do you plan on implementing for your business?

Solutions to changing health care-related expenses

Health care premium costs are expected to rise by double digits in many markets in 2017, causing a whopping 74% increase on concerned small business owners. The solution for many has been to consider changing to high-deductible health plans and increasing the employee share costs.

Increased recruiting in 2017- At a slowing rate

While research from LinkedIn shows that more than half of recruiters anticipate increased hiring volume for 2017, the rate at which the increase shows a downward trend. From a high of 61% in 2015, to roughly 59% who intend on keeping their current employee count.

Top roles being recruited

Of the many positions that recruiters will be looking to fill, there are three that hold the top stops. The number one spot is in sales, followed by operations, then engineering.

Increased hiring of boomerang employees

Among the companies that will be hiring, trends show that they will be hiring boomerang employees, which are employees that leave a company only to be re-hired at a later date.

Increased use of social media in recruitment

According to SHRM, using social media for recruiting purposes saves time, increases employer branding, and offers a way to reach passive job candidates. Therefore, many employers are looking to social media as an integral part in their search for talent.

With so many human resources trends on the horizon, how has your company planned to respond to the changing human resources? For assistance call your Niroc Consultants representative.

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