The benefits of using a PEO

The benefits of using a professional employer organization (PEO) are well established within the human resource industry. Even many of the largest private companies have found that the use of a PEO yields more employee benefits at a far more affordable price than an in-house HR department. Among these benefits are:

Superior employee satisfaction – Without a doubt, people with a question would rather deal with an expert rather than a novice. Employees at a PEO are completely focused on the HR aspect of their jobs rather than with competing priorities. In addition, they receive and resolve numerous inquiries on a daily basis – something that your HR department is unlikely to do. In short, a PEI offers more relevant and more convenient information than the HR departments of all but the largest companies.

Fewer HR personnel needed – If you are a company of any size – read that as 50 employees or more, you will have to staff at least one HR person to handle the most mundane of questions. Still, it pays to retain a PEO to handle more sophisticated employees and more complicated problems. Questions will be handled more efficiently and you will not have to maintain the infrastructure to support a responsive team. It is a win-win situation for your company and for your employees.

Lowered premium costs – Professional employer organizations purposely develop contacts in the healthcare industry with a goal of consolidating their clients into one large benefits pool. The PEO can then negotiate from a position of strength with the various insurance companies. Not only will you end up with lower premiums – as do your employees – but also with superior insurance coverage. It is hard to outdo a result like that.

Enhanced employee health – A PEO – dedicated to lowering your insurance premiums and your operating costs – will undoubtedly introduce wellness programs and other health initiatives to improve employee morale and attendance, lower premium and deductible costs and generally benefit the welfare of both the company and its employees. A case in point, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, $1 spent on preventive care can potentially eliminate up to $13 in remedial help – no small matter in a rapidly aging population.

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