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We focus on your employees, so you can focus on your business.

An Independent Broker in the PEO and Payroll industry, with access to top PEO Providers across the nation.



HR Services

We have human resources solutions so you can focus on what you do best.

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We help minimize the time and risk associated with payroll administration.

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Assisting with a full complement of benefit solutions to fit your budget and your goals.

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 Workers’ Comp/ Risk Management

Assisting companies to secure workers’ compensation coverage.

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Financial Support / Debt.com


TeleMedicine / TeleHealth


Do any of these scenarios ring true for you and your business: “So much of my time is being taken away from revenue generation and spent on compliance issues in managing my employees paperwork” or “I had an employee injured on the job a few years back that is still costing me money on my current workers’ compensation coverage”?

Perhaps your scenario is “my business is growing and I want to keep up with it but I am unsure how to handle all of the growth. I’m afraid that my liabilities are continuing to increase while my control is rapidly decreasing.”

We are here to assist with these very important questions. Niroc Consultants, Inc. was founded by Adam Corin to provide simple solutions to manage your workers compensation coverage and risk management, payroll processing and tax compliance, labor law compliance, human resources administration, employee benefits and other challenges through our alliances and PEO partners. The overall goal of Niroc Consultants, Inc. is to provide small and midsize business owners time and cost saving solutions through a PEO model. Every business has risks. With Niroc, you can trust your workers compensation, human resource management, labor law compliance and tax exposures with a team that has experience in minimizing risks through PEO partners.

We allow small and mid-size business owners to focus on their core day to day operations operations, profitability as well as the growth and success they desire. At Niroc Consultants, Inc. we target solutions specifically towards your business. Forget supply and demand. We’re all about supplying your needs. Whether you are in hospitality, lawn care, remodeling, construction, manufacturing, home health care or even own a restaurant. Find out how we we can assist you here on our site.

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